A person had posted a question about some moccasins that we were wearing in a recent blog.  I’m sorry to say that we have been lagging behind.  We should have  posted a blog on our friend, Mountain Mike and his fabulous leather creations months ago.

Donn and I were spending time in southern California when we crossed paths with this amazing craftsman. Mike draws out your foot, and gets all the measurements he needs.  You pick what leather color you want, and 3 to 4 months later he’ll send you a pair of shoes.  A pair, more than likely, you will never regret purchasing.
IMG_0582With elk skin for the upper part of the mocc and buffalo leather for the sole, not to mention the inside is full of buffalo fur(sorry no picture). They should be perfect for all the different terrains we cross.

IMG_0583IMG_3872  IMG_0291

When Mike finished both pair he sent them to us in Yosemite, where we were climbing at the time. Since then we have stomped, tromped, trampled, and climbed over all kinds of things. Donn is still amazed how even cactus needles haven’t pierced through.

Thanks Mountain Mike. We were them ALL THE TIME.

IMG_3926  IMG_0084

Check out this link to see some of Mikes work.   mountainmikecustomleather.com