IMG_1289We’ve spent quite a bit of time in New Mexico.  Whenever were close to Montezuma we always find time to sit a spell, even if we have a blog to do.  Here, Donn proves he is a true multi-tasker. A good friend, PJ Trujillo, told us of some local art work (pictographs) on some rock walls southeast of town. Sounds like an adventure. Right after this soak.

IMG_1329 IMG_1332 IMG_1325 IMG_1322 Being that I’m not the driver, I guess I’m on gate duty. Can’t let these beauties get loose.

IMG_1320 IMG_1303IMG_1351 After a 7 mile drive and about a mile hike we found it.    Ahhh, Conquistadors. Here you can see his funny little hat.  I wonder if it was the first time they saw horses?

IMG_1348 IMG_1344 IMG_1340 IMG_1338 What we thought to be “cattle gates”, ACTUALLY, turns out to be for these things. IMG_1360IMG_1361 This is just seconds before Donn said, “They can shoot little hairs into your skin.” OK, enough said, back into the van for more traveling. IMG_1366 We heard of a place in southwest NM called Last Chance Canyon.  It is “not so known” for it’s rock climbing. After a 3mile drive on extremely bumpy dirt road we arrived at a deep cut into the earth’s crust. Perfect place to hang for a bit.  IMG_1390IMG_1371IMG_1378IMG_1381IMG_1389 No pictures of climbing here but you get the idea. Limestone with vertical to overhanging pocketed routes.  Despite the lack of a guidebook, we did enjoy the handful of routes that caught our eye.  Speaking of catching an eye……… IMG_1411On our way out, we were harassed once again by the locals. No sir, that is not a carrot.

IMG_1440IMG_1438 IMG_1436   IMG_1425     

These friendly beasts were an added treat to an already great day.

IMG_1439 IMG_1459We stopped at Carlsbad Caverns for an awesome stroll underground. We took a self-guided tour and were blown away by all the eye candy. With our cheap point and shoot that Donn uses, only a couple shots came out. But, you get the idea..

IMG_1470IMG_1489 IMG_1506IMG_1507

We came, we saw, we stayed for the show.  Enjoying a beautiful desert sunset, and the company of our fuzzy, nocturnal, friends.  No photography allowed during the mass exit, so you will have to witness it for yourself.


The next morning we made our way down the road and drove by a rock buttress that had some cool activity going on.  Looks like some kind of quarry.

IMG_1449IMG_1453IMG_1456IMG_1444 We missed witnessing this BIG CHUNK break off the upper part of the wall but, noticed this bolt on it.  Ummm, maybe not so quality. Time to bounce.