There is a little place in the Sandia Mountains where you can escape the “big” world we live in, and see a “little” world created by a BIG imagination.  It’s called Tinker Town, and shouldn’t be missed.  We stopped here to take a break from driving, and what we got was an unforgettable treat.  Not only did we get to stretch our legs, but we got to stretch our imaginations.  This amazing “roadside attraction” was created by Ross Ward.  This is where he parked his boat(which he used for his 10 year voyage around the world), and began his life again.


When you first arrive, you walk around the front wall to the entrance.  It is made of recycled bottles, and other little things.

DSC03407 DSC03408DSC03401 DSC03404

DSC03409  DSC03410

When you pay your entrance fee they give you 2 dollars in quarters back with your change. This is for all the automatons throughout the maze of eccentricities. They suggest you not pass one up, because they all do something different.

DSC03417 DSC03419

This Hillbilly band greets you with a song at the beginning, and Esmerelda will tell you your fortune.  If you can believe that!  Don’t stop here, there is so much more!

DSC03425 DSC03426

Each scene is a different part of town, or some folks clownin’ around.  Even a battle between good and evil.

Who do you think will win?

DSC03431 DSC03440

Whether it be the sultry red-light district, or Chinatown, if you feed it a quarter, it will give you a show that will make you feel like a kid again.

DSC03444  DSC03433

Ross put his heart and soul into this unique little stop.  This is definitely a “must see” while traveling through the Sandia Mountains.

DSC03415   DSC03450


Hey!  You can pick ur friends, but this is outta hand! DSC03416

…..everyone needs one of these.


A little Blessing from Cholla Jesus!

DSC03413 DSC03412

Oh, and here are some easy do-it-Urself home-improvment ideas.  Martha Stewart eat ‘ur heart out.

So! The next time you make it to Albuquerque, NM don’t forget to google Tinker Town.  It is NOT to be missed.

DSC03400 DSC03399

DSC03452 …..and don’t forget your cactus cowboy!