Since we have been in Boulder, we have taken full advantage of what God gave us.  The selection of rock in this area is phenomenal.  We have Eldorado’s amazing sandstone, Boulder canyons fabulous granite, and the Flat Irons, well, that is the cherry on top.


We recently did The Maiden, a fingerling located on the flat irons.  I call it a fingerling, but it stands well over 300 feet tall.  The flat Irons are just west of Boulder, and are the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. This is not our first visit to the Flat Irons. We have been on the First,  and the Third flatiron.  Both of which will surprise you with a 1,000 feet of moderate, and utterly enjoyable climbing.

IMG_4277                                                               With a 2+ hour approach, an early start will allow for a long adventurous day. IMG_4279IMG_4281        If you look right in the middle of the blurry rocks, you’ll see the Maiden sitting pretty and waiting for more brave souls.

IMG_4284 He I am tying into TWO ropes before the unique up and down climbing that is mandatory for the first 3 pitches.  The route is rated R(which means run-out), because “if” one would fall… could be one hell of a swing. Although it is R,  the climbing fairly easy, which takes the threat factor down a bit.

IMG_4286   IMG_4289

IMG_4295   IMG_4296

IMG_4297 Here Donn is wrapping up the second pitch while I belay.  Then we hang out for a minute at the intersection they call the “Crows Roost”.  After a memorable lunch break we navigate clockwise around the finger shaped tower.

IMG_4299         IMG_4300                   Donn reminds me that we must hurry, because storm clouds are moving in.  Well, sometime the climbing is just tooo good to hear anything negative.

IMG_4301          IMG_4302                   Sorry, no summit shots. What hair Donn has was standing up, and that is a sure sign of danger creeping up. Part of the whole adventure on this particular route is the repel. Two 140 foot drops gets you back down to the ground with a FAT ear to ear smile.     IMG_4305 IMG_4311  After a long uphill approach, and a memorable route, we prepare for the hike back to the car.  Perfect timing we get an S.O.S text from a good friend in need of the Ketchum touch.         Pack it up.  The day is just beginning.