After spending 5 months in Joshua Tree area, to escape Ol’ Man Winter, the northeastern winds blew hard enough to start yet another adventurous journey for the Ketchum’s. With the maps laid out, I can only imagine the sweet finds we’ll come across.

IMG_3895 IMG_3897

This is great, the first time I have been to red rocks since 1993.  We have circled around Vegas for over 3 years now.

IMG_3900 IMG_3906  Even though it is a short visit, it sure does feel like home… ..the rock that is, not Sin City.  Spending a day at the Black Corridor.

IMG_3910 IMG_3911


IMG_3913 St. George is absolutely beautiful. Tall green trees and vibrant red rocks towering above town. In between all the exposed layers of soil, rock, and dirt lay dinosaur tracks, and bones waiting for the urban spawn to reveal what we missed. Johnson farm was a nice little stop to stretch the butt muscles. Then, on to Zion.

IMG_3933 IMG_3922 This is the first time we have both been to Zion National Park. 2 days are not nearly enough time to feel satisfied, but we got an eye full with petroglyphs, water, boulders, rope climbing and did I mention water!

IMG_3928 IMG_3931 IMG_3938 IMG_3978

IMG_3981    Following Zion we made our way to Bryce Canyon to see more of what we had been missing this whole time. We felt the need to keep moving, so, some of the pictures are the typical “scenic overlook” pics.

IMG_3982 IMG_3985

Just north of Bryce canyon in Dixie National Forest in the Escalante Mountains. On dirt roads we tend to drive even slower than slow and it allows us to see these cool little spots. Can ya believe the rock pack?

IMG_3991 IMG_3999

Onward towards Colorado, just west of Capitol reef, we camped for the evening and hiked some small canyons before, and after dinner.

IMG_4009  IMG_4012 IMG_4013 IMG_4015

IMG_4018 IMG_4021


The next morning, we start our journey once again. Waking up in a new sweet spot every morning has something to say for it.  The road leads us into the least most visited national park, Capitol Reef National Park.  Driving thru the park Donn and I couldn’t believe our eyes.   It could have been the early bird start with great lighting, or the size of the rock walls, whichever we were in awe. Danger signs new and old may have deterred the regular guy, but it just drives our adventure.

IMG_4058  IMG_4060


IMG_4071   IMG_4075


IMG_4079 IMG_4080 IMG_4083 IMG_4084 IMG_4105 IMG_4109 IMG_4117 IMG_4128 IMG_4132 IMG_4150 IMG_4152 IMG_4153 IMG_4157 IMG_4159 IMG_4160   I love how we can spend an hour along the road playing in the river, and when it’s time to go it doesn’t take a minute till we are pulled over again doing something else.  This was a cool stop, indians were able to store grain and foods so the critters couldn’t steal.  Damn, I wish we would have kept our ladder.

IMG_4163 IMG_4166                     Who ever heard of Goblin Valley?

IMG_4169 IMG_4175

Very bizarre place, right?

IMG_4183 IMG_4186 IMG_4190

..Not to mention, BEAutiful.

IMG_4197 IMG_4213 IMG_4217 IMG_4227 IMG_4245  IMG_4247      After making our way thru southern Utah we found a sign that would be sure to help remind us of our goal. IMG_4232 IMG_4234   Once we were on interstate I-70 our van/home didn’t seem to stop till we got to Rifle, CO. After we climbed a few demanding routes, we crawled back in and drove to Glenwood Springs for some way over-do hot springs. The next morning, first thing, we spent a few hours at the Yampa Vapor Caves. Right next door to Glenwood Springs, Yampa should be on everyone’s tic list.

Well, with only a 3 hour drive we should be able to get to the Front Range in no time…….ha