This chapter of our life is about our friends David and Karen.  We met them in Idyllwild, they now reside in Taos, NM, but Idyllwild was there home for many years.  Idyllwild is a sweet little mountain town in southern California.  I have heard it called a sky mountain.  We were told that was because it rose over 5000 feet off the desert floor.  I did google it, but I got no official definition.  I like that they call it a Sky Mountain, for whatever reason.  One thing I know is that we met some great people there.  Karen and David being two of them.

IMG_0346 IMG_0907

David is a wood-carver, all the carvings in this blogs chapter are his.  David is lucky enough to have Karen, his lovely partner, to help him with his creations.  Karen is from Amsterdam, but has been in America for a while.  She is a joy to be around, and has an energy that can brighten your day.  They make a sweet team.

IMG_0349 IMG_0350

These carving are from a huge piece he did for Idyllwild.  It is displayed in the middle of downtown.  This personal touch is a one of a kind signature. What amazing detail.


A picture is worth a thousand words.     And a 9 foot Buddha is worth?…….

IMG_0581  IMG_0874

We had the good fortune of working on this 9 ft. redwood Buddha.  The ol’ fella was a little weathered, being unprotected(no poly, or protective coat)throughout the seasons. The snow and sun had put a hurtin’ on him.  So we started shimming all of his cracks, but only some of his crevasses.

IMG_0875   IMG_0878

This ought a fix what ails you.  Donn, Karen, and I spent 2 days gluing shims into this fabulously round demigod.  Look at us, like little worker ants.

IMG_0880 IMG_0886

IMG_0347 IMG_0891

David has carved some massive pieces.   Sometimes he needs multiple trees for a project. For this, he will cut a flat edge on each log and glue them together.  Yes, he uses Gorilla Glue and a LOT OF IT!!! He told us this was the largest gorilla glue project, to date, EVER.  He should have stock in the stuff.

IMG_0892 IMG_0895

We both loved this bear.  He was so scary, he was awesome.  Funny how bears can go from vicious to adorable, then back to vicious with the mere snap of a button.

IMG_0897  IMG_0900

Now that our work is done, David will give Buddha the much-needed makeover he deserves.   Look how happy he is….

IMG_0913  IMG_0915


These guys are waiting in line to become one of David’s masterpieces.  Here are his implements of destruction…. or should I say creation.

IMG_0921 IMG_0922

What a great 2 days with these 2 wonderful people.  These are the days we will always remember.  The ones we spent with friends.  David and Karen, when we think of Idyllwild we think of the wonderful people we met, and you two are two of the best.  We can’t wait for the chance to hang in Taos with you.