This was not our first visit to Manitou Spring, and it certain wouldn’t  be our last, BUT I will have to say it was definitely our most interesting visit yet.  Manitou has been infamous for it’s “healing waters” for MANY years…

IMG_1258     IMG_1266

What I bet you didn’t know is that it is also famous for the Annual Emma Crawford’s coffin race.  Every October, the folks of this small mountain town in Colorado, tune up their coffin-mobiles, and dust off their costumes, to get ready for this epic event.  The event that honors Emma Crawford.  An unfortunate soul, who had suffered from tuberculosis since the age of seven.  At 17 she, along with her mother and sister moved from Boston to Manitou Springs(sometime in 1889).  She was one of the many “Lungers”(that was the term for people who had TB) who came for its famous healing waters.   During her short time in Manitou, she developed a deep love for Red Mountain.  When she felt well enough she would take walks on Red Mountain, and during the sick times, she would stare at “her” mountain and find peace.  Reluctantly, she agreed to marry Wilhelm, her close friend and suitor.  Under the conditions that if she die, he was to  bury her atop Red Mountain.   In early December of 1891, just weeks before she was to marry, Emma took her good health as a sign, and decided hiked to the top of Red Mountain.  It was here she claimed to be visited by the spirit of Red Chief.  Amazed she returned home to tell of her experience, only to succumb to her illness.  On December 4th 1891, at the young age of 19, she died in her mothers arms.  Wilhelm(along with 11 other men) keeping his promise to his young love, hauled her body, and coffin, 7200 feet to the top of Red Mountain where she was buried.  Years passed, snows came and went, and the ground around Emma softened, until in 1929 she washed off the mountain. She is said to have washed right down the main street.  For years sightings of a ghostly specter have been reported, and people say Emma still walks her beloved Red Mountain.  Wherever she may be, she has to get a kick out of this celebration created in her honor.

Here’s to you Emma Crawford!

IMG_1264                  IMG_1263

Who doesn’t want a “womb with a view”         Jodi almost got away with this sweet buggy.

IMG_1252  IMG_1254 IMG_1260

Gonna bee my Honeybee…        Who ya gonna call?               Love this guys costume.

IMG_1261    IMG_1262

Give this little Hobo enough booze and he will do flips for you!

IMG_1251  To quote the late great Colonel Saunders, “I’m too drunk to taste this chicken.”  RB.

IMG_1250 These 3 clowns can NEVER make up their minds….IMG_1248    IMG_1245

Lucky for this Lady Viking, there where plenty of gentlemen around town.

IMG_1244  IMG_1242 IMG_1192

These guys brought the kids out.  I love a father that really spends time with his kids.

IMG_1138    IMG_1202


IMG_1240  IMG_1223

The COOLEST couple in town, I wonder if they know Emma?   We felt a bit underdressed, but who’s noticing?

IMG_1236  IMG_1232

This guy was roleplaying a little too much….    I think she was kinda scared.

IMG_1220  IMG_1206 IMG_1139

Zombies and Roller girls….  What a place!!

IMG_1210 IMG_1228 IMG_1215

I called these guys the Clamtastics, I think they actually won.  Notice the group chest-bump.

IMG_1200 IMG_1141 IMG_1197

Geesh, that guy was HUGE!    Is tha our old friend Carl T?       Ohhhh… Rocky….

IMG_1189 IMG_1188 IMG_1142

IMG_1196 IMG_1235 IMG_1195

From Wild Bill, too Lady Frank everyone was having a great time!

IMG_1187 IMG_1186 IMG_1184

What a great place, they even had finger food.  Where’s Waldo, maybe he’s hungry?

IMG_1178 IMG_1140  IMG_1156

IMG_1129 IMG_1131

So, to all you freaks and harry’s out there, we salute you!!  Everybody else, don’t miss the19th Annual Emma Crawford Coffin Races in Manitou Springs, Colorado.  This October event is a must see for all ages.  Next time I WILL bring my costume!