This may sound fickle, because of our love for the desert, but the coastal lifestyle is a life we can easily see ourselves in. When we are close to the coast we feel the “easy-going” vibe.  It is a pretty relaxed feel.  The beaches, (overpriced)Villages, and towns we pass through are so inviting, Its hard to NOT imagine what life would be like there.  IMG_3274

Buying fresh fish was on our list. Finding a harbor wasn’t hard, and finding Old Monterey Wharf in Monterey was quite a treat. As we walked the wharf in search of the market entrance the barking seals caught or attention.

IMG_3389   IMG_3394


Can you say FRESH FISH!?  How about saying’ it three times fast?  We found our fish, and splurged(we got change back on a dollar) on a 1/2 pound of sardines for our doe-eyed friends.

IMG_3396   IMG_3400


Who’s up for fresh Ahi, or….. maybe sea slugs are your style?    IMG_3401    IMG_3409

Beth and I proving our word is our bond.

IMG_3412   We heard that sardines were your favorite. Nothing but net into the belly of this beast.


IMG_3490 IMG_3500

Rock stacking, and some perfectly timed bouldering, make for some hungry comber’s.


IMG_3536 IMG_3522   One of the perks to company, someone else cooking. Mmmmm…  Ahi and Brussel sprouts


IMG_3532 This adventure is taking us all to new places.  Last time through we were inland here, this time we are riding a part of the coast we have not explored.


IMG_3571  Making some little, and some NOT so little friendsIMG_3596

The rocks on some of the beaches we visited were so vivid they seemed electric.  These 2 shots were taken just north of San Simeon, and Jade beach.

IMG_3580    IMG_3633

You would be amazed at the people you meet when you stop on the road to make “panny”cakes.  Sally Hogan just happens to be one of those amazing people.  She reminisced of of her past, and back when she used to travel in a VW bus. Before it was over, I believe we ALL had joyful tear.  Sally asked a couple of time if Donn had anything wood for sale. She wanted something. Well, after digging around I found a spoon he had made. With a little sanding touch up, and some olive oil, it was like he had just made it for her.   IMG_3603 Funny thing , Sally threatened to hit him with it when he told her that was the 1st spoon he had ever made. I snapped a priceless shot.  She told him you should always keep your first of everything.

IMG_3605 IMG_3606

Sally wanted to repay us by giving some of her work.  She knitted this beautiful pair of socks, that just so happen to fit Beth’s feet perfect.

IMG_3610  IMG_3647


We are DEFINATELY on the RIGHT side of the tracks.

IMG_3636   Beth running through the sand dunes at Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes

She worked up an appetite, time for Tamales!    Here she is imagining savoring that last bite of her first ever tamale.   20140331_131046

Now we have the energy to do some roadside(painted cave road) bouldering at Chumash Painted Cave.  Beth is lovin’ the boulders.  Is she planking, or did she learn this move from the seals?

IMG_3706  IMG_3657

IMG_3690  She is stickin’ it!!

My two favorite people having fun.  IMG_3678

20140331_134746    20140331_134940

IMG_3714  A quick crafty session at the campground before we hit the big city. Beth is polishing up her beach treasure, Donn is making bird houses out of old tin cans, and I’m filling a jewelry order for a close friend.  Seize the day! Will Ya!

Yes! We wouldn’t miss the tour of Hollywood boulevard.  It was FULL of Superhero 20140401_120958 and Superstars.  20140401_121815

A trip to the Getty museum followed up by a stroll on the Venice Boardwalk.

20140402_124238 IMG_3731


This trip was a fun-filled eight daze!  Can’t wait to do it again.  Who’s Next?………..