We rolled into LAX on Monday and picked up Beth (Elizabeth my daughter).  I’ll have to start counting on my toes soon the amount of people to meet us on the road.  This adventure took us up I-5 to San Francisco and down the The Pacific coastal highway rt1.  The apex and rainiest part of the trip was Sausalito(north of the Golden Gate Bridge), then Chinatown for lunch and always some good sights for seeing.

A chilly start to a fabulous tour.       IMG_3154



IMG_3295  We stopped at Pigeon Point light station State Historical park. This was a great stop.  Beautiful views, and the lighthouse is photo worthy.  There is also a hostel here, for anyone who might be traveling in the area.

IMG_3146   .IMG_3148

Some beach-combing fun, and the sun came out long enough to wear her floppy hat.



We took a detour inland to visit the Big Basin Redwoods.  We’re keeping track of all the State Parks that we visit and what they have to offer.  At 10 bucks a day for a parks pass we can visit as many as we can.


While hiking down a beach we came upon a group of seals sunning.  I think some were actually curious about us.


What a wonderful day!  Can’t wait for tomorrow.