How can I describe the feeling of a Natural hot spring experience?

DSCN8080 DSCN8082DSCN8102 DSCN8108 Hot springs are a gift from God.  A blessing from our Mother earth to feed our bodies with minerals, relax our muscles, and ease our overly busy minds.

DSCN8392 DSCN8398 DSCN8400Donn and I got our chance to enjoy Boat box, in Idaho, before the masses piled in.  This unique tub came from the Pacific Ocean.   Made from a steel buoy by a local.  The top was cut off, mounted to the bottom, and placed here to harnessed the 138 degree water.  What a great idea, so the river fluctuation can’t ruin your soak-on for the day.  So glad we got our soak on, two’s company and seven is a crowd.

DSC03125Right before the rain on the Rio Grande, in New Mexico. Didn’t matter because we come umbrella(and beer) prepared.

One of our ALL-TIME favorite springs is called Montezuma hot springs.  Whenever we are in New Mexico we try to never miss a dip in these crab cookers.  Yes, we do blog and soak at the same time.

IMG_1288 IMG_1290 DSC03208 DSC03201 DSC06104 DSC06106

Hot springs are not always easy to find.  A lot of times the directions are vague on purpose.  You can search for them by smell, or on cold mornings you can see the steam rising on the horizon, like the breath of a dragon through the trees.  Enticing, I know.


Here we are, in between soaks, making a quick stop at the ice caves, in Washington.DSCN1494DSCN1495DSCN1478DSCN1474

Had enough of the ice caves.  Time to soak at Terwilliger Hot springs.DSCN1874DSCN1866

DSCN1875DSCN1864I remember talking to the caretaker about our lifestyle, and all he had to say was, “drop the clutch, hunker down, and get er done.”  Basically, get over what were doing and act normal.

This next gem of the Eastern Sierras, Keough’s Hot Springs, is found just south of Bishop, California.  This family owned establishment has all there is to offer, from soaking to camping, and a great gift shop.  The Fishers are dear friends of ours, as well. Good people  equal good times.

DSC00695IMG_0185DSCN2514 IMG_0178IMG_0186IMG_0191IMG_0195

If you are ever in Mammoth Lakes, Ca., and come across Shepard’s hot springs, you have lucked out.  This place is memory making.  You jump in the pool at three in the morning   you can watch the shooting stars, and hear the coyotes singing.  It’s not bad during the day either(especially if you have some shade).

IMG_3558 DSCN2558IMG_3553 DSCN2536DSCN2548DSCN2554      

When we see these warnings we are always cautious,  we have actually cooked our food in the hot springs before.  There is some seriously hot water coming out of these places. They boil food in bags.


First time SUP-boarding on Grant Lake in California.


Bridgeport, California has two of the coolest hot springs we have been to.  Travertine hot springs, this place had amazing formations, some of which the tubs were carved from.

IMG_0314IMG_0320 IMG_0343IMG_0323IMG_0337IMG_0358IMG_0345IMG_0350 IMG_0361

Right across the valley at about the same elevation there was Buckeye hot springs.  Check out Donn getting a hot shower at Buckeye Hot springs.


Benton Hot spring was a great find on our travels on route 6(this old highway stretches from California to Massachusetts).  You can pay by the hour, or you can pay to camp by your own tub.


IMG_0754So if your ever out looking for hot springs check out some of our suggestions.  You never know who you might run into .