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Good Morning…. As we wake up and slide out of the penthouse, we yawn, stretch, and throw on some clothes.  Seems like a good time for a morning boulder session.  But first,….

IMG_3874 Yerba Mate(Yur-ba Ma-tay)!  this is a traditional South America drink.  You spoon the mate into the gourd, about 3 tablespoons.  I like to add a squirt of agava nectar to add a little sweetness.  Put the bombilla(mate straw) into the gourd, then pour the 150* water over the chopped leaves.  We begin drinking as soon as the water is poured.

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Sippin’ on some mate, and munchin’ on a snack,   Donn has perfected his parking/camping skills (notice a fabulously shaded morning), so we can enjoy this morning to the fullest.

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It was Bruce Lee who said,”be like water”.  In life I do this, I “go with the flow”. I  look forward to every experience and adventure of each day.  Bouldering is one of my adventures.  I love it!  I love everything about it.  I don’t always top out, only about 40% of the time.  I have gotten good at down climbing.

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When we are hiking or driving and see a boulder in the distance, larger than life, I just want to run to it and climb it.  Or at least try.

I know it as the “swiss cheese” boulder, but It’s proper name, the “Stone Love” boulder, is much nicer.  I can understand why they call it Stone Love, I hope you can understand why I call it Swiss Cheese. This place is ALWAYS enjoyable.

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On the rock I try to focus on the ‘high’, not how high I am.  I focus on each hold, my breathing, and if I will top it out.  Maybe I will traverse instead, just depends on how ‘lite’ I feel at the time.

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I stay focused, but at the same time I try not to be too serious.  If I start thinking about the what ifs, What if my foot slips?, What if my hold breaks?, Where is my crash pad, what if my forearms pump out!?, I will just psych myself out.

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But… If I clear my mind and focus on what is happening, and NOT what might happen, I can beat that mind game.

By the time I realize how high I am, I’m already up there.  So might as well top it out..

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Another beautiful morning.  I love my life!