Ok where were we.  Oh……  Faceframes.  What are faceframes you ask?  Well, remember coloring books?  Remember all the pictures, and how you had to stay in the lines?  They,  are the lines.  On a cabinet or built-in the faceframe is the character,  it is what defines it.  If you have precise measurements and you keep it square, it is hard to mess up a faceframe.

Kreg pocket screw jig. This jig allows you to put precisely placed holes in the wood you are working with.
Battery powered nail gun. Thanx Ben Sneed

IMG_2377 IMG_2393

Did we mention 2 existing closets lived in the space before we started?  One was the old staircase down to the basement, which had been closed off years ago.  The other one was the closet the homeowner was using, and we were turning that into the new staircase to the basement.  This means that BOTH closets disappeared and the room will be closet free.  So, back to the demolition. Ugh!    Ok… that’s out-of-the-way. Now that the room is a clean slate,  it is the perfect time for work to begin.

IMG_2338 IMG_2348

We thought it would be a great idea to have them put a time capsule under the new closet.  So Owen collected some fun stuff for the little package of history soon to be hiding under the closet.

IMG_2372 IMG_2379 IMG_2381

When building closets with built-ins like dressers, drawers, shelves, etc. it feels like you build a lot of boxes inside of boxes.

“Now what was I doing?”
boxes inside of boxes

IMG_2444 IMG_2395 IMG_2410 IMG_2403

This process is tedious, exact, and mind-numbing.  There is NO instant gratification, and a 16th of an inch CAN matter. How do you think the doors open and close, and the drawers line up?  That would be math, foresight, and triple checking.

After you glue up the doors, gotta make sure it stays flat and true.
glue up
Measure corner to corner

IMG_2462 IMG_2459

Insert Playing cards to fine tune the width of the dado
Always write down the time you glued so you know when to take it out of the clamps.


After all the cutting, nailing, and screwing we prime and fine tune.  When a person looks at a finished project there is a certain aesthetic that needs to be met.

IMG_2426 Nifty way to cope your crown molding. Just be careful.
painting daze
Sanding daze


We love finding fun jobs, and meeting new friends.  It is a big part of our lifestyle.              But once again,   It is time to BouNcE!